Transhumanism and the Future of Capitalism

Prof. Steve Fuller – University of Warwick

11th January 2017, 4-6pm

Venue: 112 Muirhead Tower

University of Birmingham

There is more than a grain of truth to the claim that transhumanism is somehow complicit in today’s advanced form of capitalism. Taken on its own terms, ‘transhumanism’ is about extending human capacities indefinitely, typically by biological and/or technological means. There is good reason to think that this ideology will acquire greater prominence in the coming years, as it tracks the increasing proportion of wealth being generated by bio- and information technologies. In this respect, transhumanism is to Silicon Valley as classical liberalism was to Manchester 200 years ago, which provided the backdrop for Marx’s original critique of capitalism. But what would Marx 2.0 look like vis-à-vis today’s high-tech Capitalism 2.0 and its Humanity 2.0 ideological offspring?

The ideas to be discussed during this talk have been briefly explored very recently in a blog post by Steve Fuller on The Sociological Review‘s website: 





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